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Stocking mask hold up with Vera (270 images)

January 26, 2017 − Vera Sun

270 images

Intense and beautiful blonde Vera Sun is a little scary and a lot of sexy in this photoshoot that begins with her pointing a gun at the camera while wearing nylons on top and bottom. She takes her panties off and you can see her pretty pussy through her pantyhose then she turns around tearing the back of them so you can see her bare ass. She starts adding layers of tights to her legs then stretches some over her head. She pulls the tights over her face making a nylon mask and distorting her face while licking the material from the inside. She gets progressively horny and lets her bare pussy peek through the hole in the pantyhose before adding more layers and sticking the gun down the front of them. She starts getting a little crazy and holds the gun up while licking her nylon mask.