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Hot slut needs to wear nylon all over (video update)

August 11, 2017 − Lexa Love

5:16 minutes


Young fuckbunny needs to wear nylon all over (video update)

July 28, 2017 − Malishka

5:17 minutes

This smiling young babe begins her nylon fetish video with layers of nylons already under her clothes. She takes off her cut-off jean shorts then removes her panties. Now, she has only pantyhose all over her body. She grabs random pairs stretching them out over her hands and picks up her rabbit decoration that is also encased in nylon. She lies on the sofa on top of a pile of nylons with her head upside down. A nylon mask is smashing her face down and distorting her features while the camera zooms in to see her lick the material from inside her mask. She gets crazy and wild as she rolls around in the floor pulling pantyhose between her legs and getting herself aroused. She grabs some more tights and starts wrapping them around her neck. She is at her happiest when her body is encased in nylons.



Sweet Sasha loves to encase herself in nylon (video update)

July 21, 2017 − Sasha

5:56 minutes

Sasha looks like she is deranged for nylon at the beginning of her pantyhose fetish video because she is already completely encased in the material. There are several layers on her body and even more over her head. The mask covers her glasses. She has such a fetish for nylons that her stuffed bear is wearing black stockings. She is a crazy nylon bitch that she starts hugging the bear and rubbing her body up against of it because it has pantyhose on. She rubs her nylon encased tits with one hand while she uses the other hand to push the bear’s head between her legs. She gets herself off by pushing the head down hard until it’s face in smashed in her pussy. She pulls out a toy that she already has encased in nylon and starts rubbing it between her legs and making her pussy even wetter.



Nylon encasement with a skinny MILF (video update)

July 14, 2017 − Faina

5:27 minutes

Skinny pantyhose loving slut Faina begins her pantyhose fetish video encased in nylons and licking a handful of them through her nylon mask. She unbuttons her shirt and opens it to reveal that she has a nylon blouse on that pushes her small tits flat. When she strips all her clothes off, we see that she is wearing a body stocking. She grabs a pair of pantyhose out of the pile on the sofa and adds them to her legs. The material gets bunched up at the bottom and she keeps pulling and stretching them out. She adds another layer that covers her ass and lies down on the sofa pulling another layer of white tights on her leg. She has so many layers that they are getting tight and hard to put on. She puts a black stocking on the other leg and starts caressing her nylon encased body all over.



Pray for more nylon (video update)

June 30, 2017 − Eva Berger

5:12 minutes

You will pray that this video never ends when you see kinky nylon slut Eva Berger in her tight and sexy nun outfit. She has sexy black nylons on and another couple of layers over them with some high heels on. She grabs some red pantyhose putting them over her hands and stretching them in her mouth so she can bite them. She slips her nylon covered hand down the front of her pantyhose and starts rubbing her warm pussy. She grabs a dildo encased in nylon and licks it as if it’s a priest’s cock. She uses some white stockings to make a nylon mask that distorts her lips and nose and she grabs the top of the pantyhose biting them before stroking the nylon encased dildo and shoving it in her mouth like she’s giving a demented pantyhose blowjob. She goes mental throwing pantyhose around the room.