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Blonde slut needs tons of pantyhose (video update)

February 24, 2017 − Karen Sweet

5:03 minutes


Silver's first nylon encasement (video update)

February 10, 2017 − Silver

5:08 minutes


Stocking mask hold up with Vera (video update)

January 27, 2017 − Vera Sun

5:36 minutes

This seductive and revealing nylon obsession clip stars beautiful and fierce blonde pantyhose slut Vera Sun feeling aroused in layers of pantyhose. She’s completely encased in nylon as she waves her gun around then lies on the bed taking her tights off a layer at a time. She spreads her legs and puts the gun down the front of her tights rubbing herself before removing more layers off the bottom. Her pantyhose are ripped, messy, and wrinkled and her sweet ass is hanging out of a hole in the back of them. She looks like she’s feeling downright nutty with her red lips smashed behind her nylon mask licking it with a crazy look in her eyes as she rubs the gun on her twat. She finishes the clip by putting more nylons on her arms then begins sucking and licking the gun while she plays with herself.




Emma is a horny nylon whore (video update)

January 13, 2017 − Emma Space

5:18 minutes

This intensely arousing nylon fetish video clip features blonde cutie Emma Space already encased in nylon as she begins to remove layers. She peels a layer off her tits and you can see how nice they are. She puts the pantyhose on her hands in her mouth biting them and stretching them out. She starts grabbing the tights that are thrown around the room, biting them as well. She wraps a pair around the dildo sticking out from the window and starts putting it in her mouth and licking it. She puts a layer of nylons over it then starts sucking it. She sits in her chair shoving the nylon encased dildo in her mouth and licking it making you fantasize that it’s your dick in her mouth. This blonde is crazy for nylons and she doesn’t care how demented she looks as she satisfies her fetish.



Fancy pantyhose encasement with Mia (video update)

December 30, 2016 − Mia Doré

4:58 minutes

The extremely hot nylon fetish video begins with Mia Dore already almost fully encased in nylons. She grabs another new package and begins rubbing them all over her face and licking them. This girl is too gorgeous for words. It’s hard to believe she is acting so demented for pantyhose. She can’t help herself. It’s the way the material makes her feel and she gets very aroused. She stretches the new pantyhose over her head making a nylon mask and she continues licking the material from the inside. Her pretty features are flat and distorted as she pulls at the material and stretches it. She puts her arms under the nylon mask and stretches it all the way down her body licking and biting the tights the entire time. This beautiful girl clearly has a fascination with pantyhose as she lies on the floor feeling pleasure as she’s encased in nylon.