Eva Bergers Nylon-Sauereien (Video update) 7
Eva Bergers Nylon-Sauereien (Video update) 12

This beautiful high quality video features stunning redhead Eva Berger and it is clear when she walks in the door that she has a nylon fetish. There are assorted stockings thrown all over the sofa and she has her eye on them adoringly. You can see pantyhose pulled over her hands and another pair stretched over her ass as she bends over on the sofa showing you her crotch. She takes her short red dress off and her tits look exquisite with a pair of pantyhose covering them. She sits down on the sofa in the middle of all her precious nylons and clearly gets horny when she starts touching them and sniffing them. She is turned on by the feel of the stretching material and starts licking it all over. She takes her high heels off so she can start adding some more layers of tights and, of course, one of the layers is red.