Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (Video update) 7
Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (Video update) 12

Lola Mega has a mega pantyhose fetish and her behavior gets very bizarre when she starts stretching layers of them all over her body. You really get the feel for her strangeness the way she moves in this phenomenal video. She already has her nylon mask on giving her a distorted face as she starts slowly pulling layers off her body and stretching them. She pushes her tiny tits together and teases you as she peels off more layers. She pulls off every layer to show another one underneath then looks even crazier when she puts her silly maid hat on her head. Her mouth hangs open as she gets aroused from rubbing tights on her pussy which you can still manage to see through her many layers. She blows you a kiss as she licks her nylon mask to show how bizarre she really is.


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