Sasha startet ihre Strumpfhosenkarriere (Video Update) 7
Sasha startet ihre Strumpfhosenkarriere (Video Update) 12

Sasha is so obsessed with nylon that she could start a pantyhose career. That is clear in this phenomenal nylon fetish video that opens with her walking around in multiple layers of tights. A strap-on is under her pantyhose and it looks like she has a dick. Her pretty face is all distorted under her nylon mask as she has a look of lust and wraps pairs of pantyhose over her strap-on dick. She wraps the pantyhose around her neck and starts licking her hands so she can feel the sensation of her tongue licking the tights and getting them wet through several layers. She gets even more aroused when she rubs her nylon covered hands over her fake cock. She puts her glasses back on over her nylon mask and moans as she plays with her cock and pushes it against her wet pussy.