Silvers erste Encasement-Session (321 Bilder) 2
Silvers erste Encasement-Session (321 Bilder) 7
Silvers erste Encasement-Session (321 Bilder) 12

Silver is a delicious and supple young blonde babe enjoying her first ever nylon encasement session. It’s even more arousing than she imagined. She always loved pantyhose, but she didn’t realize how turned on she would be by posing for photos with layers of nylons on her body. She looks innocent, but extremely sexy when she lifts her short dress to show her pantyhose. She takes her dress off to reveal that she has a layer of nylons on the top half of her body as well. She puts on another pair of black pantyhose over her arms and gets hornier with each layer she adds. She slips on another pair of pantyhose on her legs and puts a garter on before turning around and showing her sexy nylon covered ass. She distorts her features with a nylon mask licking her pantyhose covered hands through it. 


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Freitag, 10. Februar 2017, 18:47 Uhr pantyhoser ★★★★☆ fürs erste Encasement schon sehr geil - beim nächsten mal dann aber ohne Slip drunter :)
Donnerstag, 14. September 2017, 06:58 Uhr Zodiac ★★★★★ I love how she is posing by lying on her stomach, while wearing a stocking mask! Nice! I hope to see her again!
Sonntag, 19. November 2017, 14:37 Uhr Halloagain ★★★★★ So geil mit anzusehen, dass Silver als full encasemrnt highlight die braune Strumpfmaske überzieht...sie scheint dies alles zu geniesen...
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