Sasha liebt Nylonencasement über alles (Video Update) 7
Sasha liebt Nylonencasement über alles (Video Update) 12

Sasha looks like she is deranged for nylon at the beginning of her pantyhose fetish video because she is already completely encased in the material. There are several layers on her body and even more over her head. The mask covers her glasses. She has such a fetish for nylons that her stuffed bear is wearing black stockings. She is a crazy nylon bitch that she starts hugging the bear and rubbing her body up against of it because it has pantyhose on. She rubs her nylon encased tits with one hand while she uses the other hand to push the bear’s head between her legs. She gets herself off by pushing the head down hard until it’s face in smashed in her pussy. She pulls out a toy that she already has encased in nylon and starts rubbing it between her legs and making her pussy even wetter.