Victoria Daniels im Nylonrausch (275 Bilder) 2
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Victoria Daniels im Nylonrausch (275 Bilder) 12

Soft skinned nylon fetish slut Victoria Daniels begins this photo set with a handful of wrinkled nylons on her hands and a pair of pantyhose stretched over her ass. She didn’t pull them all the way up so the nylons are loose and stretched out below her crotch. She already has some see-through nylons on her legs and pulls a pair of nylon socks over her feet. The loose tights are gathered at her ankles and wrinkled above the socks. She starts taking all the nylons off the sofa and putting them all over her body while she poses. She takes yet another pair of pantyhose and puts them over her socks to add another layer. She takes the black stockings, wraps them around her neck, sniffs them and puts on a pantyhose blouse. The crazy stockings bitch then puts a dowdy looking nylon mask over her pretty face.