Zena - verliebt in Nylonschwänze (301 Bilder) 2
Zena - verliebt in Nylonschwänze (301 Bilder) 7
Zena - verliebt in Nylonschwänze (301 Bilder) 12

Zena Little looks so cute in glasses as she stands in her bathroom almost fully encased in layers of nylons with a short blue dress over the layers. She has black tights over her arms as she rubs them all over her face licking them. She grabs some loose pantyhose that are lying around and begins adding more layers. Suddenly, she grabs an arm load of giant and colorful dildos. She already has them encased in several colors. She sits in the floor kissing and licking them and sliding them between her legs. You can tell that her arousal level is rising. She gets off on licking the dildos then takes the pantyhose off the top half of her body showing her gorgeous bare tits. She lies in the floor rubbing the dildos all over her body then stands up posing with them licking them the entire time.