Ganzkörperbestrumpfung für Lana (Video update) 7
Ganzkörperbestrumpfung für Lana (Video update) 12

Lana is a hot but mental young maid who lets you watch her clean the kitchen with layers of pantyhose all over a body, a nylon mask and a sexy maid’s outfit. Her sultry lips are smashed behind a layer of nylons with her lipstick smeared as she acts like she’s eating an apple. She must really be as mental as she looks if she thinks she can get that apple in her mouth. She pulls her dress down and you can see that she has a nylon blouse on and her tiny bare tits are being smashed down by the stretchy material. She sits down posing and pulling layers of pantyhose off, but she has so many on her body that she never gets down to her skin except for her amazing, flat and sexy stomach showing.


Ganzkörperbestrumpfung für Lana (172 Bilder) 2
Ganzkörperbestrumpfung für Lana (172 Bilder) 7
Ganzkörperbestrumpfung für Lana (172 Bilder) 12

Upon first glance; Lana seems like just another hot redhead maid in stockings, but you will soon see that she is a kooky slut with a nylon fetish. That’s why she has a layer over her arms while she’s cleaning. She bends over to continue cleaning and you see that her ass is covered by black nylons while her legs are covered in a layer of white ones. She take her high heels off and slips on yet another pair of pantyhose over the white ones, but these are flesh colored. When she pulls her dress off and you can see that she has a layer of nylons covering her small tits. She adds more layers on her legs, then a pair of socks and it’s still not enough. She pulls a nylon mask over her head and starts licking the material looking kooky with her facial features distorted behind it. She gets creative and tries eating a banana with the crazy nylon mask still on her head.


Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (Video update) 7
Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (Video update) 12

Lola Mega has a mega pantyhose fetish and her behavior gets very bizarre when she starts stretching layers of them all over her body. You really get the feel for her strangeness the way she moves in this phenomenal video. She already has her nylon mask on giving her a distorted face as she starts slowly pulling layers off her body and stretching them. She pushes her tiny tits together and teases you as she peels off more layers. She pulls off every layer to show another one underneath then looks even crazier when she puts her silly maid hat on her head. Her mouth hangs open as she gets aroused from rubbing tights on her pussy which you can still manage to see through her many layers. She blows you a kiss as she licks her nylon mask to show how bizarre she really is.


Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (346 Bilder) 2
Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (346 Bilder) 7
Lola, die liederliche Nylonputze (346 Bilder) 12

Cute little redhead Lola has a heavy nylon encasement fetish to the point where she never feels like she can get enough on her body. She is already covered in layers on the top and bottom at the beginning of this amazing nylon fetish photo shoot and it just gets more unusual from there. She is a naughty maid and she has to have multiple layers of tights on before she will do anything. She starts posing with her mop then lies on her bed spreading her legs and stretching her layers of pantyhose. She lies on the bed stretching her nylons like a crazy person then slips on a nylon mask giving her a distorted face but she doesn’t care. Pantyhose feel good to her and the more layers the better.