Aruna Aghora and her nylon mask (249 images) 2
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Aruna Aghora and her nylon mask (249 images) 12

Aruna Aghora wastes no time covering her body from head to toe in pantyhose and stockings. Her distorted nylon face makes her look demented and her long eyelashes are smashed against her eyes. Her nylon blouse is tight over her small tits and her hard nipples are almost poking through the material. She gets more and more perverted the more she stretches the pantyhose over her face as her features become increasingly distorted. She kneels on the bed making herself look even more ridiculous with her crazy pantyhoseface licking the shiny material from inside and licking the stockings on her hands. Empty packages of tights are just thrown on the bed as she adds layers all over her body. She lies back with her legs spread rubbing her pussy. The sexy and flexible pantyhose bitch shoves her stockings covered foot in her mouth then gets up and puts her knee high boots on to leave.