Candice in the nylon world (video update) 7
Candice in the nylon world (video update) 12

Step into sexy but crazy young nylon slut Candice’s obsessive nylon world in this amazing HD video. The scene begins and she is already lying in the floor with layers of pantyhose all over her body and a pair stretch over her shoulders and head. Her dark hair is smashed down under the tights and pushed against her face as she writhes around looking maniacal. She rubs her nylon covered legs together and touches herself all over from head to toe as she poses getting off on the feel of the material on her skin. She picks up a globe that she has encased in nylon and plays with it as she poses then crawls toward the camera looking like a crazy person with nylons smashing the features on her face flat. She lies on the floor pulling at her pantyhose and fondling her own nylon encased body.