Emma feeds your pantyhose addiction (331 images) 2
Emma feeds your pantyhose addiction (331 images) 7
Emma feeds your pantyhose addiction (331 images) 12

Seductive cutie pie blonde Emma Space is an extreme nylon fetish slut who brings a bag full of pantyhose to her photoshoot. She wants to make sure that there are plenty layers of the material she is obsessed with for her to put on her supple body. After taking the nylons out of the bag, stretching them all out, and licking them; she takes off her skin tight black pants showing her smooth bare ass then takes off her top to reveal her small perky tits. She gets more aroused with each layer that she adds and rubs the material against her shaved twat. She puts on a nylon mask and licks it from the inside while putting different colored tights on her body from head to toe. She sits in the middle of the pantyhose in ecstasy because she is feeding her pantyhose fetish and yours as well.

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