Emma feeds your pantyhose addiction (video update) 7
Emma feeds your pantyhose addiction (video update) 12

Here is the phenomenal video of blonde nylon fetish seductress Emma Space feeding her pantyhose fetish during her photoshoot. She grabs handfuls of tights out of her bag and throws them in the air. She is way too excited about nylons and gets off on seeing them scattered all around the room. She begins to pick up the scattered nylons and adds layer after layer to her supple young body. She crouches in the floor in high heels trying to decide which nylons to add to her body first. Her small and perky tits are already smashed down by a layer and some more layers are covering her sweet ass and legs. She slips a pair of black nylons over her head and peers through them like she’s going mental. She wears a nylon mask over her head and becomes orgasmic when she licks the material from the inside.