Eva is back for another nylon party (196 images) 2
Eva is back for another nylon party (196 images) 7
Eva is back for another nylon party (196 images) 12

Eva Berger is a gorgeous redhead with a thing for pantyhose. She loves the way they feel on her hands as she models her pretty long skirt and sexy red top. She pulls out a new package of lighter colored nylons and starts stretching them out and playing with them. She pulls down her skirt to reveal that she is wearing also pantyhose underneath. Her ass looks really amazing in them as she dances around. Yet she wants to feel more nylon on her skin and sits down to cover her legs with another pair of tights - over the ones she already has on for sure. She is so excited by the feeling of wearing several pairs of pantyhose that she grabs her assorted nylons out of her drawer and tosses them in the air. She goes into a pantyhose frenzy and puts additional stockings and tights on. Nothing makes sexy ginger, Eva Berger happier than having nylon all over. 


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