Heavy nylon encasement for Lola (346 images) 2
Heavy nylon encasement for Lola (346 images) 7
Heavy nylon encasement for Lola (346 images) 12

Cute little redhead Lola has a heavy nylon encasement fetish to the point where she never feels like she can get enough on her body. She is already covered in layers on the top and bottom at the beginning of this amazing nylon fetish photo shoot and it just gets more unusual from there. She is a naughty maid and she has to have multiple layers of tights on before she will do anything. She starts posing with her mop then lies on her bed spreading her legs and stretching her layers of pantyhose. She lies on the bed stretching her nylons like a crazy person then slips on a nylon mask giving her a distorted face but she doesn’t care. Pantyhose feel good to her and the more layers the better.

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October 27, 2016 13:12 vandix ★★☆☆☆ no comment entered
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