Latex, dildos and nylon all over (282 images) 2
Latex, dildos and nylon all over (282 images) 7
Latex, dildos and nylon all over (282 images) 12

You can tell by looking at crazy blonde stockings bitch Sweet Cat that she is out of her mind with a nylon fetish. She has layers on her body and a bunch more laying all over the floor and hanging on the wall. She gets right to it and puts tights on her hands so she can stick her finger in her mouth and feel the stockings on her tongue. She takes out a giant dildo and stretches some stockings over it. This way she can pretend that she is sucking on a nylon dick. She picks up the stockings covered dildo and begins biting and licking it looking completely crazy with pantyhose over her high heels. She starts sucking the head of the big nylon covered dildo and she can barely fit her mouth around it.  She really looks nuts when she puts on a nylon mask and continues sucking the nylon cock.

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October 27, 2016 13:52 vandix ★★★☆☆ no comment entered
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