Lusila has to wear nylon over shoes (200 images) 2
Lusila has to wear nylon over shoes (200 images) 7
Lusila has to wear nylon over shoes (200 images) 12

One look at adorable brunette slut Lusila and you can tell that she’s kinky. Sure, she has an innocent look, but the perversion shines through, especially when she strips. Her see-through pantyhose show how smooth and shapely her legs are as she quickly reveals that she has a nylon fetish. She slips on a pair of stockings right over her sexy high heel shoes. She can’t help herself and slips yet another layer of stockings on because that’s how she gets off. The more she stretches the tights and feels them against her skin, the hornier she gets. She finally takes her shoes off and takes off her top showing her tiny bare tits. She slips on more layers of stockings and a layer of white opaque tights over her arms and boobs as she poses on the sofa making her pussy wet and rubbing nylons all over her face.


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