Meet our nylon diva Terra Sweet (299 images) 2
Meet our nylon diva Terra Sweet (299 images) 7
Meet our nylon diva Terra Sweet (299 images) 12

Raven haired nylon fetish queen Terra Sweet looks extremely sexy dressed in all black with black high heels, black nylons on her arms and layers on her legs. She poses for a bit and her nylon fetish becomes apparent when she starts licking the nylons that are stretched over her hands. She picks up the stack of pantyhose on the sofa and gets horny as she lays them on her body and stretches them tight with her feet. She grabs another pair of tights and puts another layer on her arms. She gets so horny that she closes her eyes and spreads her legs apart rubbing the messy and wrinkled pantyhose on her pussy. Her fetish makes her look like a crazy person as she puts on a nylon mask with more nylons on her head and all over her body. Her distorted face can barely be seen under the layers. 


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January 22, 2017 19:02 pantyhoser ★★★★★ einfach geile Strumpfhosenfalten!
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