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Susan Ayn looks so sweet and soft sitting in nothing but her bra and panties. She has goosebumps on her bare legs, but she’s not going to be bare for very long. She has a nylon fetish. She can’t wait to put on layers of stockings all over her body. She slips a pair of black opaque socks on her feet then covers them with a pair of see-through stockings. She poses showing the sexy curves of her tight thin body before slipping a pair pantyhose on then turns around to show her gorgeous round ass. She puts a nylon blouse on then a layer of black stockings over it. She poses in several positions and starts getting horny from feeling the nylons rubbing against her soft skin. She starts rubbing her warm pussy coming close to orgasm. The top layer of tights are sloppy and wrinkled with ladders on her feet.