More pantyhose for Anni (video update) 7
More pantyhose for Anni (video update) 12

Check out this titillating bonus video of perverted stockings slut Anni Bey in another nylon fetish session. She starts stripping off her clothes and has one layer of pantyhose on bottom and a nylon blouse on top. She poses showing her tight little ass then takes her panties and bra off. There is only one layer between us and her gorgeous tits and twat. Not for long, because she starts adding more layers. She sits down in a chair and puts a stocking hat on before crawling in the floor and putting white stockings on one leg. She puts a pair of pantyhose on the other leg and leaves one leg of the tights off so she can stretch them over her face. She slips the hat down over her face making it a nylon mask then adds a layer of red stockings while writhing around horny on the floor.