Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (video update) 7
Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (video update) 12

Crazy blonde nylon slut Vera Sun loves plaid, but she loves nylons even more. Her tight pink plaid outfit is over a few layers of pantyhose. She takes a layer of tights off her legs so you can get a better look at her wet cunt that is already moist from playing with her stockings. She stretches them over her face and head and even stretches a pair over her pussy. She dances around with a demented look in her eyes because she’s euphoric over the feel of pantyhose on her body. She puts a pair of red tights on her legs leaving them extra sloppy and wrinkled. She climbs up on the bed with a nylon mask over her head. This crazy pantyhose bitch licks her nylon mask from the inside and gets lipstick all over it. She sucks on the pantyhose and rubs her pussy while you watch.


Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 2
Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 7
Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 12

You can tell by looking at cute blonde Vera Sun’s bathroom that she’s a crazy nylon bitch. There are assorted stockings draped everywhere and lying in the floor. She is already wearing pantyhose on her arms and legs with a layer of nylon socks over her feet showing that she has a nylon fetish. That fact becomes more apparent as she grabs pairs of tights and holds them over her head. She squats in the floor spreading her legs and stretching stockings tight over her crotch.  She bites and pulls at the nylons in a perverted way and she gets more sloppy and wrinkled with added layers. She puts on different colors then puts on a nylon mask. This ridiculous looking slut then applies thick lipstick on her distorted nylon face, takes off the mask and puts another pair on her head with more layers on her body.

Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 2
Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 7
Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 12

Sloppy nylon loving bitch Victoria Daniels is pretty, but she’s nasty when it comes to her nylon fetish. She pulls at her pantyhose until they are wrinkled at her ankles. She poses in her hot pink outfit and pulls up the back of her skirt to show her pantyhose covered ass. She takes her stockings off showing her bare legs then puts on a pair of fresh black ones before adding more layers. She gets in sexy poses on the sofa before taking her high heels off so she can spread out and feel the stockings rub against her skin. She adds layers and leaves them messy. She pulls her top off showing her tiny tits just to cover them with a pantyhose blouse. She starts getting crazy and pulls them over her head like a nylon mask. She looks ridiculous making odd faces underneath the stretchy material.

More nylon for Susan Ayn (114 images) 2
More nylon for Susan Ayn (114 images) 7
More nylon for Susan Ayn (114 images) 12

Susan Ayn looks so sweet and soft sitting in nothing but her bra and panties. She has goosebumps on her bare legs, but she’s not going to be bare for very long. She has a nylon fetish. She can’t wait to put on layers of stockings all over her body. She slips a pair of black opaque socks on her feet then covers them with a pair of see-through stockings. She poses showing the sexy curves of her tight thin body before slipping a pair pantyhose on then turns around to show her gorgeous round ass. She puts a nylon blouse on then a layer of black stockings over it. She poses in several positions and starts getting horny from feeling the nylons rubbing against her soft skin. She starts rubbing her warm pussy coming close to orgasm. The top layer of tights are sloppy and wrinkled with ladders on her feet.


Eva Berger and her nylon mask (145 images) 2
Eva Berger and her nylon mask (145 images) 7
Eva Berger and her nylon mask (145 images) 12

Fiery redhead slut Eva Berger is back and crazier than ever with her nylon fetish. Join her as she has already put on several layers of stockings over her nude body and is preparing to slip her nylon mask on. She looks like a mental slut when she pulls the white pantyhose over her head and starts licking the material from the inside. Even though she has a distorted face smashed down by the tights, you can still tell that she is completely aroused. She shows what a deranged and horny slut she is when she looks in the mirror and starts putting make-up on right over her pantyhoseface. She paints her entire face until she looks like a fucked up slutty clown. She gets so horny from the stockings play that she gets on the floor spreading her legs and stretching the tights extra tight over her crotch.