Pantyhose encasement with Lana (video update) 7
Pantyhose encasement with Lana (video update) 12

Lana is a hot but mental young maid who lets you watch her clean the kitchen with layers of pantyhose all over a body, a nylon mask and a sexy maid’s outfit. Her sultry lips are smashed behind a layer of nylons with her lipstick smeared as she acts like she’s eating an apple. She must really be as mental as she looks if she thinks she can get that apple in her mouth. She pulls her dress down and you can see that she has a nylon blouse on and her tiny bare tits are being smashed down by the stretchy material. She sits down posing and pulling layers of pantyhose off, but she has so many on her body that she never gets down to her skin except for her amazing, flat and sexy stomach showing.