Silver's first nylon encasement (video update) 7
Silver's first nylon encasement (video update) 12

This alluring and titillating HD video features horny young blonde vixen Silver in her first nylon encasement session. By the look on her face when she looks at herself in the mirror, she is enjoying herself quite a bit and feeling horny. She already has layers of pantyhose on her body, and even stretched over her high heels. Pantyhose are stretched over her head from when she had her nylon mask on. She is taking full advantage of all these nylons that are thrown all over the room and on the bed. She lies on the bed with her legs spread looking very aroused before pulling her nylon mask back down over her face. She grabs her colorful belt wrapping it around her pantyhose covered ass. She poses looking demented with layers of tights stretched over her entire body from head to toe. She can’t get enough of nylons now.