Sweet Cat goes mental with pantyhose (272 images) 2
Sweet Cat goes mental with pantyhose (272 images) 7
Sweet Cat goes mental with pantyhose (272 images) 12

A lot of women like nylons and pantyhose, but extremely gorgeous blonde Sweet Cat is positively mental about stretching tights all over her head and body. Her body has just the right amount of curves and suppleness as she poses in a tight black dress, high heels and layers of pantyhose that are messy and bunched up at the ankle. She kneels on the toilet with her ass in the camera and you can see her pussy and asshole through the layers of nylons. The flexible goddess then starts getting crazy and sticks her pantyhose covered toes in her mouth then takes her top off showing amazing small tits before slipping a nylon blouse over them. She gets horny the more she stretches them over her head and adds layers then finally goes completely mental and grabs handfuls of nylons rubbing them all over her pretty face and amazing body.


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January 27, 2017 15:31 anonymous ★★★★★ ... ich muss mich hier auch um meinen Strumpfhosenfetisch kümmern - umbedingt!
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