Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 2
Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 7
Vera is a crazy nylon bitch! (338 images) 12

You can tell by looking at cute blonde Vera Sun’s bathroom that she’s a crazy nylon bitch. There are assorted stockings draped everywhere and lying in the floor. She is already wearing pantyhose on her arms and legs with a layer of nylon socks over her feet showing that she has a nylon fetish. That fact becomes more apparent as she grabs pairs of tights and holds them over her head. She squats in the floor spreading her legs and stretching stockings tight over her crotch.  She bites and pulls at the nylons in a perverted way and she gets more sloppy and wrinkled with added layers. She puts on different colors then puts on a nylon mask. This ridiculous looking slut then applies thick lipstick on her distorted nylon face, takes off the mask and puts another pair on her head with more layers on her body.