Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 2
Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 7
Victoria Daniels is hot - for nylon! (331 pictures) 12

Sloppy nylon loving bitch Victoria Daniels is pretty, but she’s nasty when it comes to her nylon fetish. She pulls at her pantyhose until they are wrinkled at her ankles. She poses in her hot pink outfit and pulls up the back of her skirt to show her pantyhose covered ass. She takes her stockings off showing her bare legs then puts on a pair of fresh black ones before adding more layers. She gets in sexy poses on the sofa before taking her high heels off so she can spread out and feel the stockings rub against her skin. She adds layers and leaves them messy. She pulls her top off showing her tiny tits just to cover them with a pantyhose blouse. She starts getting crazy and pulls them over her head like a nylon mask. She looks ridiculous making odd faces underneath the stretchy material.

Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
December 17, 2015 06:26 anonymous ★★★☆☆ She's a hot model... unfortunately a missed opportunity for nice nylon masks and foot show
September 27, 2016 00:52 germanph ★★★★★ no comment entered
October 28, 2016 21:53 vandix ★★★★☆ no comment entered
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