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Yenna is a pantyhose bitch (278 images) 12

Smoking hot brunette pantyhose bitch Yenna poses in front of her pink sofa. She looks sassy in her tight skirt and layers of nylons. She also has a lot of stockings thrown all over the sofa because of her nylon fetish. She’s sloppy and her tights are wrinkled and messy around her ankles. She pulls and stretches her top layer of tights before she even gets her high heels off then takes her skirt off showing how nice her ass looks with pantyhose stretched over it. She puts some white nylon socks on then pulls a pair of pantyhose over her warm pussy. She really starts getting crazy when she slips stockings over her head putting both the nylons from her head and the ones from her foot in her mouth. She pulls her nylon mask over her face and gets off on licking and sniffing all the layers on her body. 


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October 27, 2016 14:02 vandix ★★★★☆ no comment entered
March 19, 2017 08:19 shvihak ★★★★★ I love this set with beautiful nylon "secretary bitch" in button-up blouse (I like that too!) and multiple layers on her legs. Then she slowly encase her whole body up to the whole head mask. Lovely! Good job, Yenna :-*
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