Yenna is a real pantyhose fiend (198 images)  2
Yenna is a real pantyhose fiend (198 images)  7
Yenna is a real pantyhose fiend (198 images)  12

Amazing and beautiful brunette stunner Yenna has class, but she also has a nylon fetish and feeling the material on her skin makes her horny. That’s why, every time she dresses up to go out, she must add layers of nylons. She already has several layers covering her legs as she poses in a tight black skirt, but she slips another layer on over pretty feet anyway. The more layers the better because she loves when the material rubs together. She lies all over the pantyhose that are all over the sofa grabbing pairs and stretching them, licking them and biting them. She pulls her top off and starts playing with her small, firm tits. She keeps adding layers then suddenly starts taking all of them off. Soon, she is fully nude then she puts a layer back on and spreads her legs wide. 


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January 22, 2017 18:57 pantyhoser ★★★★★ no comment entered
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